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He stood there watching my bewildered face expecting me to tell his daughter’s name. I coughed, laughed and did both too, so I could get enough seconds to retrieve me from that grave situation. My legs were trembling and my hands started to shiver so I looked down the floor and calmed a bit. But I don’t recall any name dropped out of the conversation with her before. That’s it I totally lost my cool. I had no other option but to confess the truth. I relieved a deep exhale.

Out of the blue a woman’s voice emerged from my behind saying Hey! You’re arrived. We both turned around towards the direction were the voice appeared from. She looked like an elegant middle aged woman having calm brown eyes and black cherry hair. She wore a purple silk saree which flaunting the gauzy gold necklace, that was assiduously modest to her age.

Yeah sweetheart, he said with genuine smile. Their eyes reflected immaculate love and cheer when they hugged each other.

Yeah Selvi, I just entered and met this wonderful young man here, he said. They both signed their eyes towards me.

Really? She surprised. I think it’s my duty to know about this person who interested my husband and made him say nice words, she smiled. She didn’t understand her husband’s sarcastic comment.

Wait, you don’t know him?, he’s eyes quizzed and eyebrows slanted to the single point.

OH MY GOD!! Could this be any more worse, I screamed inside in my head.

No, she paused and glazed her husband. Why? Is there

No, nothing, he cleared his throat. He’s name is Devaraj. Apparently he is our daughter’s friend, he introduced me to her before I did.

Damn it, this guy is very smart. He didn’t mention his daughter’s name knowing that I still didn’t answered him, I thought.

Oh! You’re Monica’s friend, she clasped her hands to her chin.

I can’t tell why but I heard Drums Sivamani playing in my head.

Monica. Monica I repeated in my head.

Yeah, I grinned. Yeah I’m Monica’s friend. I looked at her father with that victorious face.

I was little relaxed than the previous minute but that didn’t last for long. I looked my watch, snuck my hands into the pant pockets and slightly wavering the upper half body.

I’m sorry, I have to go now. It was nice meeting you Mrs. Huh err… I stammered and looked at her husband. Damn it I didn’t know his name. What is it today? Guess the stranger’s name day, I grimaced. It was really nice meeting you Monica’s mother, I prayed my hands.

You came here to see Monica, aren’t you? She said and continued to say something but stopped after saw the old women who approaching near us. Her name is Anuradha, only elder in that family. She looked dark, small and has an intimidating face. She must’ve crossed her sixty’s but there’s no sign of hunch on her shoulders or tremble in her walk. She was wearing dark blue silk saree and pierced gold jewels on her ears and nose.

Ruban, when did you arrive? Anuradha smiled and hugged her son. Selvi, why did you keeping him here? He must be tired and hungry, now go freshen him up breakfast are getting cold. She bossed Selvi and looked at me. Who is this kid?

He is Monica’s friend, name Devaraj, Selvi said. He came to see her, I guess, her brows rose up.

Well, she should’ve woke up by now; I’ll send someone to call her, She continued.

to be continued…


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