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It was cold windy weather in January. The roads were looked smoggy in the morning yet the traffic was not least expected in Porur and Vadapalani junction. The T Nagar Avenue was hopelessly crowded and seemed almost frantic. The university affiliated colleges were commenced for the even semesters after the winter vacation. The students and professors were flocking over to the college campus on the first day.

Then what happened, dude? Vishal whined over Devaraj.

The bell rang so shrilly loud in the third corridor. It was a past 9:00 am in the Monday morning the classes were commenced in most of the departments in the Jawahar engineering college yet the third year industrial engineering class room was still herded with boys with no professor.

What’s this sound? Oh! I know; I deciphered it. It said I’m going to enjoy my slow death in Digital signal processing class. Vishal mocked. I’m sorry dude, I really have to go. It’s my HOD period. That woman Hitler will bug me if I wasn’t there. I’ll catch you up in break, come to the canteen and tell the rest of your story there. Bye.

Wish I too taken an IE instead of IT, Vishal sighed by looking in the verandah where no professors shown up yet. He waved at the boys and left.

So you are planning to tell us all at once or you going to hold up till the break? Naresh asked gazing up at Devaraj who was standing before the writing desk.

Naresh is a little outsized man who has attractive chubby face and French beard. There is few rouge hair at his forehead that’ll make a little attention. He’s like the one who is so enthusiastic, jubilant and especially who knows all the shortcut routes in city.

I don’t know if you want me to tell now that’s fine. Devaraj paused when he heard heavy footsteps. Asst professor Bharath approached towards the classroom.

Or at break. Devaraj muttered faintly and stood up from bench along with others.

Yeah, in the break. Ganesh undertone too.

What? What’s in the break? Bharath demanded and entered in the classroom.

Huh…Naresh gave calculator to an IT student who is actually in the second corridor Ganesh glimpsed Naresh. He wanted to go now to get it but I told him that would be an inappropriate because the period starts, so then he intends to ask it in the break. Ganesh forged the conversation that happened. That is all Sir.

Naresh vibrantly nodded to the Bharath for agreeing the Ganesh’s statement. Then he told them all to sit.

It was Principles of Management class, the book’s author had made masterpiece of it. This book is as so effective as sleeping pill. This guy is genius in a way he wrote the whole 600 pages book under just with five topics.

It was past 25 minutes after period starts, Thirumurugan’s nappy eyes hiding behind the specs, Naresh’s head felled on the bench like a walking dead, Ganesh’s view were totally off the direction from Bharath’s figure and Devaraj glazed on and off the board and book yet grinning a little while thinking about the thing that happened two days before.

Unlike first period the second one went off quickly in spite the break bell saved them. Boys, girls and professors were herding into the canteen. IE boys suited themselves in the plastic chairs with the hot cup of teas in paper cups and couple of butter biscuits. When Vishal approached them they waved to get a chair so he can get seated too. He dragged a chair on a way to them and sat beside Ganesh. Everyone took a sip of their beverages and rested on the bench except Devaraj.

Go ahead, Vishal relaxed by deep exhale. Others took position on their level of comfort to listen. Where was I? Huh … yes! And then, Devaraj smiled viciously and took another sip.

To be continued


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