I wasn’t sure what I’m doing was right, but I persuasively believed that it might convince her of my absence. I found a notebook and pen from her desk. I tore a paper from the note and started to write saying,
‘I’m sorry. Don’t take me wrong, I made a mistake coming here and making out with you’.
For real? I thought. I scribbled that line. ‘Again I’m extremely sorry, Deva’. Damn, what the heck is wrong with me? I ragged.

Meanwhile, I heard her singing a song of Taylor swift’s “you belong with me” from bathroom. She’s voice was as sweet and sexy as her naked body. I was depressed that I didn’t had chance of know about her and thought, It would be nicer if I had met her some other day in beach or coffee shop. I blame you fate.
I opened the door gently and departed from her room. I didn’t perceived much of the inner décor of the home while climbed down the stairs but the ambiance of the hall felt rich; partly I glanced the some Indian architect arts were hanged on the walls. The furniture and marble tiles are exquisite and aesthetic. What she’s father doing? Diamond business in Singapore, I thought by wondered how rich their family is.
Maidens and butlers are sequentially railed from kitchen to dining hall. The foods, fruits and sweets are stalled on the dining table; it was showed up as if like a huge feast. I didn’t mind any of those, I was busy in disguising. No one was noticed me walked towards the entrance door. I literally ran on the way of the door and looked behind to make sure none of them discerned. While I was doing so I accidentally clashed with someone who was headed opposite to me. He looked familiar, the sharp pepper salt hairs, brown eyes and boxy specs. I squashed my mind to remember him. That didn’t took long, I remembered saw him in the portrait with current finance minister that hung left corner of the hall. Shit! He’s her father, I thought.
I wore a white T-Shirt and lavender shirt with buttons open; the grey black derby jeans which torn on the knee caps and thighs. He scrutinized me from head to toe. He curved down and picked my glass then gave that to me. He looked so kind and gentle. He gazed at me and smiled, whereas I tried not to sob.
I’m sorry, who are you, son? He asked with slight grin.
He wouldn’t call me “son” if he had known what I did with his daughter, I thought. Hi sir, I’m Devaraj. I offered my hand to shake. He promptly grabbed it and quaked twice. I don’t know how but I had a feeling that he intuited me well with one good hand shake.
Are you a friend of my daughter’s? He asked.
Huh, yes sir…. yes I am, I said.
There wasn’t an enough time to elude from him, any minute his daughter might show up and throw that stupid note on my face which I left on her desk.
I’ve never seen you before with my daughter. He continued. I mean, I know all her friends. You don’t look so familiar.
We’ve met recently in a book fair convention; I preferred few books for her and she preferred few for me then we became friends, I piled a false tale. What a nerd, I thought.

His face befell to tensed grave expression. Huh, you know it’s funny because my daughter didn’t like to read books, he said with bogus laugh.
I was really scared. Sweat was poured like river.
Hmm, can I ask you one thing? He said. What’s my daughter’s name?
I’m screwed. I thought. I sweated even more.
To be continued………..


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