I partially opened my eyes, felt very soft bed that carrying me underneath, I don’t know why; but that was so weird because I know how my uncomforting bed used to feel like. But it was different, I mean the cot was huge, the blanket was clean, the drapes are wonderful, the expensive lamps and antique clock was artful and I’m naked and there…what! Oh my god, I’m naked. I rubbed my eyes very hardly and looked once again the room vividly. This isn’t my room, I thought. My head was aching so much so I sat up. By the time I wondering what could possibly been happened to me end up here, I saw a girl head pop up from underneath the white blanket. I was petrified. What kind of sick dream is this? I scowled. Who the hell is she? Where I am? Those questions rolled over ceaselessly in my head. I know it wasn’t modest, appropriate thing to do, but if it happened what I thought that was happened then what me about to do had to be consider less. So I slowly lifted the blanket. Yep, she’s naked too. She was the first and most beautiful naked woman I’ve seen in my whole life. I sat beside her for a moment figuring out what had just happened last night, but all I could hear was her breath sound. I prayed myself that she should not wake up until I find my clothes. I found my pant at the corner of her closet, I was never so that happier when I find my pants other days. Rest of my clothes are scattered over the room as same as hers. Why I’m not remembering anything?
I promptly put on my clothes and trying hardly to remember the last night and images are slowly flashing one by one in my mind. I was on my friend’s birthday party, then; then what? I was ready to leave the room and turned to door and walked. Near the door, I saw my glass lying. I took that and put on and then it hit me something. I remember my brother gave me his glass to wear that on the party. Irony was he told me that I would get laid by any chance of that glass. While on the mid of all perplexing, I saw her impeccable face on her portrait that hung up on wall. She was so stunning, hot girl I have had ever near been with. I felt so anguish that I don’t even reminisce how I did it. It is awful, I grunted. I’ve been standing there felt pity for my desperation and you know what, I forgot to maneuver from there.
Good morning honey, she said. I was totally shocked; my heart pounced from my chest to brain. It was too late to run through the door. I slowly did an about turn and faced her. I really should have anticipated that. Oh sweet lord, she’s still naked. I was frowned, seeing woman naked in live wasn’t on my daily list. I bit my lower lip to stop from being wobbled. You wake early, huh? She said with no ounce of embarrassment. Last night, wow! What a party? We should have taped when you doing your little dance.
I danced? I thought. I tried rigidly not to look at her glowing body and stood fixedly for past ninety seconds.
She went near to the closet and pulled one robe. She covered her naked body with that and came near me. Wait here, I’ll freshen up soon. We’ve have an errand to run through. Okay?
I responded with a slight smile and nod. She halted near the bathroom door and turned towards to me and said, I still can’t fathom how someone could woke up this early when they had nine glass of tequila last night.
How could I? How? I wasn’t drunk in my whole life. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs and I had never been with a woman, except her. With a lot of question ran over in my head I saw her went to the bathroom. I didn’t know what I had to do right after the sex with stranger. She told me to wait, which by the way I can’t do that. All my audacity and nature of encountering the crisis had gone. Run, I thought. I made a terrible mistake before I left her room.
To be continued……………………….


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