One day, my friend told me to watch a series called ‘cosmos’ and gave me his pen drive to copy it on my computer. I was so excited about this, after I read the reviews on the internet. All space science lovers will fell for this series’ pilot episode. The impeccable narration of Neil deGrasse Tyson and eye stealing visual graphics give us an imagination to think further than a content that imposed in it. Neil discoursed many perceptive talks, one of my favorite is, ‘…there’s no shame in not knowing. The problem arises when irrational thought and attendant behavior fill the vacuum left by ignorance’. In other words, there’s no shame in saying that we don’t know. It’s only shame when we pretend that we know.

Yeah, I heard you. What these have to do with the misconception? I’ll tell you.
Neil has lectured a lot of abounded entities like matter, energy, spectrum, anti matter, dark matter, dark energy, etc. In which I presume that energies and matters are not just elements and equations, it also a living organism that prevails in around this immeasurable universe. I don’t have intent to take this religious but I have to talk some of the ancient scripts about the resemblance of this energies and matters. We understood their nature, principles and phenomenon more or less acutely, although we have had named them different. 
The fear of guilt, death, drought, flood, famine, war has caused an origin of gods. We believe that some kind of spirits are watching over us to protect when we praise them and punish when we disobey them. Why this spirits are couldn’t be a speculation rather their nature and behavior are all facts. Just for moment, imagine my theory; if I was talking in front you, I would ask you to close eyes, but I know you can’t do two things at once. Okay, I’ll stop.

Hindu mythology:

Lord Indra controls the power of lightning. He carries a weapon 
Thirusulam is weapon of choice of lord Shiva.
There are three main gods:
Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.
God of love who shoot arrows:

Greek mythology:

Zeus is the god of lightning.
He was depicted in art with a lightning in his fist.
Trident is a weapon of lord Poseidon.

The three main Gods: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.

The God of love: Cupid.

This resemblance is not only in these two mythologies, there are others too. We started to call the favorable energies as angels and rogue energies as demons. So what about matters? Matters are we. Yes, we and other elements are matters that thrives the resources from the well wishers energies. Rogue energies cause enough troubles to both us and good energies. But from the fact we exist still now, I believe there is stronger force in the universe that favor in protecting us and other energies. There is another one in the list that we still don’t know what its capabilities and it’s relation to other forces and energies.
They’re I can presume that this rouge matters are dead matters that roam around us. We couldn’t understand their role in this universe. We have yet to discover so many things to comprehend these energies and matters. Who knows? There could be a friendly energy watching me typing from behind. We are spending give or take 60 years to live in this mortal body to satisfying our needs. You don’t think it’s ridiculous. …………



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