After a long time


Beginning something after a long time is not a quite a simple job. We’ve been enthusiastically started a habit to do something different, but it had been interrupted by other habit or distraction. In so many ways long time pause could affect us. Long time after continuing gym class, reading books, even for few talking to the old friends is bit a bitter job. Over the days, months and years the practice, interest or hobby that we lost once we behold couldn’t get back at us like a second. Sometimes it’s like the slammed door while we in frustration and later we come to open, it won’t obey as of our will.

I’m taking me as an example here I’m sorry guys I couldn’t get someone, you’ve to read it out; don’t worry it’ll be quick. The thing is I love to write, but as the matter of fact we don’t expose our love to someone we share our rest of the life with. Love doesn’t work with only person to person, person to object or even person to animals and vice versa. Love as well bond to our habits too. When I started to write my first short story “my moon girlfriend” it’s like I proposed to my habit of writing. And I said to myself all the years of admiring you from afar were over and I’m going to enjoy the moments with you. It went really well in the beginning I mean I spend the lot of time with writing, we laughed, we giggled, and we even slept together I think I’m little exaggerating here. Later came this small break and begin to grow little bit little each day and suddenly I stopped writing, it means “break up or thing don’t working for us very well” since I’m personifying writing as my girlfriend. A year passed since I quit writing, every time I look a pen and paper I feel agitated of my incapability to bring back by writing habit.
Like me we all have this sort of experience with different storyline. My point is don’t waste time, there is no perfect time and there is no 5 ways or 12 guidelines to do start over your hobbies/habits.
I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous new year, may all best come to you.
Keep imagining.


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