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“Curiosity pulls people into scams”, Frank Stallon.

It’s bit true, because country like India will be a vulnerable prey for scams. Imagine if I getting Rs1 from every citizen in India, the next morning I would be the billionaire. Yeah!! Some would called it as a begging, but who cares I’m rich. A recent scam which happened in India was fooled many people in the country.

Ringing bell is a smart phone manufacturing company situated in Noida, India. On February 18, 2016 this company promoted about an android phone at all over India.  Well if you think it’s not a big deal here comes the big shot. It announced that this android phone would be sold for Rs 251 (3.96$) in the name of “Freedom 251”. This company heralded that they were making the world’s cheapest smart phone. Who would waste time to verify it was real or fake, instead ordering 10 packs of phones. To order this you’re expected to pay only through their respected bank accounts. The company proclaimed that it would deliver the orders of about 6 months later from the time of order. Due to relatively great size of advertisements and promotions this cheap smart phone travelled all over India like a forest fire.

This company expected at least 5million orders on the first day, but 6lakhs hits on the server at one minute as just crashed the server. Since the ordering time was only 24hrs, there is only 30,000 order were placed in the end of the day.

Indian cellular association (ICA) has asked the telecom minister of India to interject about this low price issue. According to (ICA) this smart phone should not be selling less than Rs 3500.  On 20th February, 2016 the office of ringing bells were raided by the CBI inquiring why the product doesn’t have ISI certificate. The firm doesn’t give adequate answers and later ascent that it was a scam. Freedom251 smart phone was actually a Chinese phone, it was relabeled. The screenshots on the websites were taken from the Iphone6 model.

During the promotion of the product, the firm stated that it would refund the money if the products hadn’t dispatched. It was stated because this company planned to invest the money on the bank as the fixed deposit. Later 6 months of interest from the bank, the firm would earn around 6million. After 6 months this company would send an apologize notice with the refund money to their consumers. What an idea sirji.

Fantasy has become real in the largest sub-continent INDIA. This one firm has fooled many Indians on just one day. Scam just happening on every minute and second, to do not be a part of it we should be so aware.

“Let us not look back in anger or forward in fear, but around in awareness”. James Thufber



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