He has a machine gun but I’m having a kitchen knife


Basically this article is not about neither military grade weapons nor house wife’s kitchen knife. It’s about the person’s inferiority complex of himself by comparing others. I’ll show you 5 rules to eliminate this habit and bring the courage to feel you high as sky. I bet after reading this 5 rules you’ll see yourself as like as your idol.

1: Leave the virtual and ride in real

The main causing body of inferiority complex is brooding over the past and future. Thoughts are good but it should not halt in your mind to transform into worries. Your present world is a real, that’s where we going to score runs not in the past or future. Stir up the inner cosmos to bright like stars. Get out from the room, walk daily, meet new people and attend your call this is what real life nothing wont misshapen like in our dream.

“No one can make you feel inferior without your consent“. Eleanor Roosevelt.

2: Adequate your cup with beneficial work

To follow the first rule we’d to acquire knowledge in our respective field. “Search what you like, learn what you like and like what you learn” this was a secret mantra of most of our idols. If we turn out to be busy in our work and enjoy it from the heart, then there’ll be no inferior arises within us. Read books even if you make mistake, sketch the art even if its looks crap, plays your game even if you knock down.

“I didn’t believe in Beatles, I believe in me”. John Lennon (The Walrus).

3: Exhibit your talent and accomplish your qualities

In the 3rd rule, we’ve to recess our talent to the world. It’s fair or ugly never mind we should just show case our work. Don’t get panic about critics after all what we going to lose. We should say to ourselves “I putted a lot of endeavor in my work; critics which is approaching me won’t put me down the grave. I love me and my work, so there’s no chance for despair feelings by any kind of criticism.”

“If you start throwing stones on yapping dogs, you can’t achieve your goal”. Sir Winston Churchill.

4: Don’t compare yourself with another

I don’t have anything new to say under this topic. But if you noticed this topic would be the first sub-topic of most self-motivational blogs, but I wouldn’t do that because you can’t simply stop compare yourself with others. If you already had a new shirt, where there’s need of compare with others. Here I mention the new shirt as the first 3 rules. These 3 rules were already used to adequate our vacant feelings and fill them with good habits & beneficial work.

“Don’t compare yourself with anyone in this world…if you do so, you are insulting yourself”. Bill gates

5: Follow it as your routine life

We can’t achieve something at a speed of lightning bolt; practice and patience is the relevant factors to pursue what we wishing for. So keep practicing everyday and changes will automatically arose within us. This daily routine practice will throw your inferiority complex and feed you new essential habits. Don’t get frustrated if you lose the chain in routine; start again from the beginning, whose going to blame you. So next time don’t compare your plates by how big they are just view what they serving on those plates. I think you got it.

And by the way, according to the crime statics from federal bureau investigation (FBI) in 2015 “five times as many murders were committed with kitchen knives than were committed with riffles”, so be happy of who you are, no matter how you look or how you perform.



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