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Our secret

Why women can’t keep secrets?

There was a famous saying in Tamil language “a thing which shouldn’t say? A secret to women”. The question that is arising from the saying is not when it was said? It is why it was said. Hang on for a second; sorry I’m just sat between two girls. Let’s begin;

Women from nature they’re very vulnerable and amateur in restrain secrets of their own or others. If you don’t believe me girls just ask your boy friend about your secret revealing habit. They’ll give a 1o6 page of script to make a season 1.

Even though it was simple topic, to fill at least two pages I brought the historic references from the day back of centuries. India’s greatest epic “Mahabharata” has some evidences about women’s blabbermouth. Over 10000 years ago there was a great battle happened between Pandavas and Guvravas. An unbeatable warrior Karna was cheated to death by pandavas.  Later they came to know that Karna was their elder brother of all. Yuthistra (elder brother of Pandavas) felt agony and frustration; he thought because of his mother’s secrecy Karna was dead. So Yuthistra cursed his own mother with an entire feminine race that women shouldn’t hold their secrets. If he lived now may be he would returned back his curse for the betterment of many families.

Latest scientific studies show us, women are speaking 20,000 words per day, whereas men are barely speaking 7000 words. Women are spending 10 hours a day for talking. So there’s no wonder why do they named GOSSIPER.

So next time don’t spend your money and energy in sending speed mails, rather just pass your thought to neighbor aunty and say it was a secret, she’ll take care of rest.

Save money & save planet. Issued in the public interest.

Greater imagination brings greater entertainment.






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If you catch a playing child and ask him “where do aliens land on earth ?” he’ll reply “white house, Washington DC.” There’s no exclamation in it because among we half of us know that there is a term “aliens” through the Hollywood movies.

In the Hollywood world, there’s formal query from other countries. “Why aliens always landing in America? Do we need to give any kind of special invitation to aliens to land in our country? ”

So to fulfill the wish, imagine alien’s GPS were damaged and they wrongfully landed on other country instead of America. This time in India.

India is a sub continent, there are 28 official languages and 600 unofficial languages are spoken in India. “So note to aliens if they need to pass any messages they’ve to hack the multilingual space satellite.

According to aliens invasion manual created by Hollywood directors, aliens enter in to earth to steal our resources.

So in India the richest resources is spices. To steal that aliens have to fight with the world’s 4th largest powerful nation.

There are three ways to attack iindia. The first way is a land base attack. To do so , aliens have to cross check the numbers of Indian soliders again. India is the 5th largest army soldiers in the world. India has a 4.7million active, research, paramilitary personnels. To ambush this huge army of india, aliens should have at least the population of Australia.

The next way for our alien friends is air Base strike. As a example from various alien movies, aliens posses a large laser guns and super sonic jet fighters. So do India. India has a 40 types of jet fighters and 2130 army jets & helicopters. Among all India has a two deadliest missiles Agni & bramhos which can travel 3000 miles to hit the target.

End of the day, India can give a tough fight to the invaders, unless there’s any application of external forces like political for passing aliens invasion bill on parliament.

The third way to success for aliens is a water base strike. Aliens should browse about Indian navy before starting the first attack. Reason: Indian navy is the 3rd largest powerful nation in the world. Indian navy includes 8 types and 40 warships like aircraft Carriers, destroyers… Etc.

Chakra (akula-2) is a divya astram (special weapon) of India. It was on the 98m deep water circling around the Indian ocean. India posses 110 nuclear weapons, which is enough to bring global extinction.

There’s a final way for aliens, its way they came from.

From all the above references, you can see that India can withstand the alien attack for at least 3 days.

To see the real result wait until the aliens invasion in India , until then read my blog for more fun and more imagination.

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