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“End of the day, I’m a hero and I don’t get the girl” it was famous saying in Hollywood movies. This quote was first originated in dc comics, where you’ve been seen that a superheroes watches over their city like a guardian angel, vigilante or something, so they miss to attend their private call, parties and give a lame excuses to their girl friend instead they couldn’t tell what’s  going on with them. We all wish to be a superhero and save the world like Barry Allen the fastest man alive, Oliver Queen the Green Arrow, except knowing that we don’t get the girl. In most case it’s not suit for others, especially 007 he killing rate less than the girls he sle**…  I think you got it.

Imagine for an instance that you’re a superhero. What? Oh why imagination is because it’s blog for imagine. Yeah now you’re invincible, immortal of legions and dragon skins with that you can’t just do throwing a litter from the road or closing the running water tap. You urge to lot more than that. For example hmm…. Ok! Having a superpower is like giving a lift to hot looking girl whose scooter was break down in mid road. You can’t resist you from helping her, right! Is the same way you feel when helping others.

If a normal person doesn’t get their girl, they weep. But for the superheroes having a mask is advantage to hide their tears.

Don’t try to expose yourself to any kind of gamma radiations or willingly going to get a bite from spider or building a hi tech suit , because you’ve to buy a clothes for Christmas and get a 2kg sugar from ration shop and reading for sem exams ”okay you got me I’m telling about myself”. And mostly end of the day you’re are the hero, and you don’t get the girl. So be happy of whom you are and imagine as much you can.

Next article: Chennai crisis…………………….




  1. ha…ha…very nice post….Yes we are not a super hero in real life..

    i like your word..”get a 2kg sugar from ration shop and reading for sem exams ”okay you got me I’m telling about myself”.”

    i love that sentance…because many times i stand in the ration shop queue for kerosen and sugar, rice, dal etc….

    Boys are always take it easy the sem exam…so it’s very amazing..line…

    advance Christmas wishes to you and your family devaraj…

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