Our entire life’s happiness would find the tallest building in your localities and reach the roof top to jump, when the moment you heard the girl/boy whom you loves so much are not loved you the same way as you did.

In India we say there are 9 different types of emotions to exhibit our feelings (Navarasam). But in this scenario you solitarily experience the one specific emotion “Desperation”.

I always wonder about the nature how it collaborated with human emotions. You will be feeling the grief same way as love but with little difference. You smile or laugh with no reason, whereas here you cry or sobbing with lots of reason. You talk in to the mirror like he/she standing in front of you, whereas here we mumble with tasting salt cry by trying to remember the best moments of your love. You skip the meal and sleep in spite of love, whereas here you skip meal and sleep in spite of pain and despair.

The pain of love should only posses’ desperation and dejection not rage or vengeance. Some may expose their grief healthily by hearing some soft love failure songs and slowly reflexes. But some cases their grief may find extreme point like death. In that moment you should realize something, how valuable you are to your family, friends, and colleagues, do they feel happy by seeing you in that condition. Think about yourself your dream, aim, achievements. I’m strongly confiding that we born in this world to accomplish something to this mankind by our name not by the love failure person.

And those who are in love or who going to love my suggestion, well I’m not going say anything bit new. Love is an unspecified dictionary word for trust and patience. Trust should firmly halt in your beloved’s heart in order that it needs patience.

I didn’t add any sarcasm in my sentences because I wrote this article with full of emotion.

Love is a hellish heaven;                                                                      Retrieve your happiness from emotion                                                don’t live with maniac, besides                                                                 Bliss with refreshing attitude.

Sorry!!!! I didn’t catch any rhyming word. Next time I’ll come up with nice one…….

By From Devaraj.



  1. yeah true…word about Desperation……..

    i like this line more”Love is an unspecified dictionary word for trust and patience. ”

    you also give good name for love…daily im waiting for your post.. because of your funny and nice writing style….thanks for nice post… keep it up..deveraj…………

    Liked by 1 person

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