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Once a great anonymous poet said “imagination becomes so harder, when you’re trying to imagine” don’t try to Google it, it was me. Before you switching over to other good posts I’d like to make my point so clear with you.

Well, my previous posts indistinctly suggested about how imagination pleasures our mind and what the thing we miss in the real world is. I’d totally completed my “you and me” debate with real and imaginary. Hey!!!!!  Now rise up your hands above your head and clap loudly because I finished my grammar class about imagine. So my imagination is moving on to next level, let we call it as fun zone. Here after my discussion going to be comedy, romance, thriller, fable, politics, history…..etc.


A love song that I’ve written in my 10th grade, when I first saw my crush, it was chanting in my mind that whole day. [Note: children, pregnancy women’s, heart patients don’t read this.]

Lubb-dubb lubb-dubb comes from my heart,                      your view of me, is makes so hot.                         Jasmine rose comes your side,                                  With beauty of your eyes it commit suicide.                  I had a strong heart;                                                you’re the one who caught.                                                There are many love songs;                                                   but it all goes wrong.                                                                   Spontaneous mind starts to glitches,                                           to portray your beauty there’re no sketches.                            when you turn my side,                                                             I’m intimidate to hide.                                                                The sun envy’s you evidently;                                                you’re making it to feel hot eminently.

Well it was also written by the same anonymous poet.  When we met somebody at the first time, we instantly fall in love with them without no reason we’ll have some strange feeling inside our mind that was not even happened when we saw the miss universe. We usually saw so many peoples in our lives but specifically why we get a more flattering with the single one. I strongly believe in love at first sight.

Most of the psychological monks call this as an infatuation, attraction, affection, hormones segregation. But I’m calling it as a love maniac.  Sorry I don’t catch up any other names. We cannot forget our first love because it made us to experience how it would felt like. I can’t forget mine, it was four years ago I’m studying 10th grade sitting in the last bench middle column and she was sitting in the last second bench third column. I watch over her the entire day, imagined how are my marriage going to be, especially my chemistry class. I waited for a right time to tell my love. A year passed away, I’m expecting for her arrival for the next year in school, my informed me that she and her family left the town and went to some distant city.  I’d not spoken with even a single time, everyone in the class gave a handshake for her birthday but I didn’t I wanted to show that I’m different. But she was gone now I’m not the hero to follow her and pursue. I’m not worried for much longer time because even if I’d her I may have situation to lose. But until now she was in my dream, and importantly I won’t lose her. May be if she heard my song she would definitely being with me. So this was my first love story..No no ladies don’t get cry I’m not creating any sympathy here I’m in relationship now.

In India love is picturing as a crime in some places. Some of them saying that “love was against the religious laws, love marriages are like untouchability, bla bla…….. “. It was not said by the gods, it was said by country fools.                                                                                                 For the record Hindu’s prime god lord Shiva (destroyer), He married goddess sati (Parvati) after fall in love with her in the first sight.  He pursued her after long difficulties.             Lord Krishna, he loved and married Rukmani without her parent’s permission.                                    Lord Perumal, he married andal after they loved a long years. And even many more examples. Love is a natural, it’s not a science or superstitious. Even gods itself can’t resist from the damn love, then who are we to stop it. Everyone love each other with affection and most importantly protection………………………………………………………….

Bye from Devaraj Mani Maran.                     images (4)

Real vs Imagination-( part-2)

immaginazione-rid_87130_xsREAL VS IMAGINATION 😦 PART-2)

“If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it” said William Arthur . Although I don’t know who he is, the quote that he mentioned was related to my article. So this thing …..                    Real vs. imagine I really left lots of questions in your mind on my last post, so I’m going reveal this……….

Before that, for those who don’t read my previous post… here comes….” If you’re thinking about the hot sunny tequila party in Hawaii beach is Imagination, and if mosquito bites when you’re thinking is Real.

Why we lose in the real when not in imaginary………

I’m going to show that with an example:

Imagine that you’re sitting in the adorable rose garden, yeah!! Yeah!! This time you’re with your girl/boy friend….there was an ice cream shop near 100 feet from you. Your loved one watched you when you drawing money from ATM, and asking you to buy ice creams…… to maintain your privilege you’re going to the shop…nearby the shop a lady whisper to her “charming”. The shop keeper offering your ice creams. Grabbing the ice creams and walking towards your sweet heart with stylish look, everyone in the road are watching with gaze. And finally you are happily feeding each one’s ice creams…………………………………………………so that’s it?

No! It was your imagination. In the real life you can’t resemble it in the same way. Then what do we miss? The thing we miss was “detail”

Yeah!!!! Detail determines everything in your real life… like as in this story I didn’t add any detail to it. What if I’ve said the lady nearby in the shop was 92 year old? What if I’ve said the shop keeper’s mood was very hot than his stove? And I didn’t mention about the road’s condition what if it was so flooded with water by the last day rain?

Listen…. I’m not a philosopher, but I’d imagined every day for a better future. My life doesn’t eventually changing; it is same as it looks last day. I’m also admitting that I’m not a successful person today but whenever or whatever I’ve fail I would say to myself to be positive. It may looks life universal life changing quote, but I either look that different way. I’m not billionaire’s son/daughter, I’m not a great genius , I’m not even started one step to reach my goal, but I do know was I born in this world to something destined for, I won’t admit my failure at any cause. At end I’m going to be successor. Well this was my life.

Imagining isn’t a dreaming. Dreaming is a hobby for an imaginer; don’t get a laid to dream. Imagine every day, every hour, every minute, and every second, besides working on that you’ve imagined.

You should imagine with a wonderful environment to get a thoughts….to over your head. Don’t look my face when I’m imagining writing my blog. Oh that’ll be awful.

Hey I think I’m good at this, please someone direct me to president’s house I should request him to have a world imagine day……………………..

So go buy the ice creams to your loved one…….. Your imagination was over……….


Bye from Devaraj…