“Everything you can imagine is real”

Real and imagination is like hook’s law , which is directly proportional to each other. Real is a unconditional, non-relative motion that cannot be assigned. Whereas imagination is a well assigned motion by the human itself. Which means i’m confusing you.

Let me give you an example: imagine you are standing in the bus stop at night 9:00 pm.

No! not with your girl/boy friend, no! you’re not having your phone too!

You are alone, waiting for your bus to get to your home. During this time interval you are seeing the stars, moon and dark sky they weren’t look like yesterday or any other day before. You’ve started thinking how the stars would be form by the millions of clusters, then how come they even exists by itself. What if there’s an another planet like Earth. Possibility of Aliens lives in the distant planet and having powerful and intelligence mind than us and they’re ready with their army to destroy our world. Mean while in sun the deadly cosmic radiations are emitting and create super nova and… Your bus is arrived “what err!!!! but …..” that’s how your reaction would be.

This feel, particularly this gap is quiet weird when we transits from the imagination to real but why it’s not when from real to imagination. Well it’s not like a big bang theory or relativity, imagination needs a perfect situation, location, and mood when all combines it takes us slowly to imaginary world without our consious. Imagination is an excited state of mind, we get enough and enough resources there, who knows you’ll be acting in the titanic-2 with penelope cruz. When this excited state of mind brings to the normal state it loss some of energy as in the form of happiness. So that’s why we get cranky panky feelings after we gain conscious.

Why we lose happy or some soft feelings when we return ?

Yeah, of course we’re neither wants to poke in the anacondas teeth nor shake hands with Hannibal Hector “I really hate when he is in my dream”. However the circumstances of the situation might be in the imagination it always feels good and happy. The feeling of leaving behind the good imagination hurts badly.

Reality sucks learn to embrace it with the touch of imagination.



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