images“Imagination is important than knowledge” said Albert Einstein. I guess he’s right if we don’t have the imagination then what’s the point of having knowledge.

  •         Let me just give you an example: in the class room a dozens of students are sitting in the bench waiting for their physics teacher . every student is busy with something, except one  i don’t want to mention him a bit earlier , “usssh”  he’s been staring the sky through window.
  • then the teacher came up inside and asked everyone to take a book. and the boy just  kept staring and staring. the physics teacher just asked the random boy to stand up asked him” how does the bird fly?”
  • He replied ” its an opposite action of the air made by the wings to lift the bird from the ground”.”brilliant” teacher said. the teacher noticed the staring sky boy and asked him the same question. he replied ” i don’t know how the bird fly ‘s , i’m just wondering , how it would feel if we fly in the sky”.
  • Yep , your guess was right Nicola Tesla”s next door neighbours. he’s one of the wright brother . before you refer this was a true story , my perceptive point is , what would have happen  if Mahatma Gandhi didn’t imagined the freedom of India and minding his own business. what would  have happen if Steve jobs didn’t imagined to built the what would have happen if Tony stark didn’t imagine to built iron man suit ..oops i’m sorry it was in the flow.
  • And what would happen if we humans won’t imagine at all !!!! ” Omg , then howcome i would survive in my chemistry class” no………..”
  • I think now you got it a little info about an imagine. so, was it over? nope…. in the following weeks i’m going to steal all your imagination as an article. ” i don’t know, it can be anything  how’s the girl /boy you courted last night” so lets imagine…..

and finally, when I started the blog I just had to name it. the word that flashed in my mind was “imagine” I thinking of replacing it later but i comprehend that wasn’t an accident . May be i just imagined it before……………………………..bye.

from ,Devaraj


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