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It was cold windy weather in January. The roads were looked smoggy in the morning yet the traffic was not least expected in Porur and Vadapalani junction. The T Nagar Avenue was hopelessly crowded and seemed almost frantic. The university affiliated colleges were commenced for the even semesters after the winter vacation. The students and professors were flocking over to the college campus on the first day.


Then what happened, dude?  Vishal whined over Devaraj.

The bell rang so shrilly loud in the third corridor. It was a past 9:00 am in the Monday morning the classes were commenced in most of the departments in the Jawahar engineering college yet the third year industrial engineering class room was still herded with boys with no professor.

What’s this sound? Oh! I know; I deciphered it. It said I’m going to enjoy my slow death in Digital signal processing class. Vishal mocked. I’m sorry dude, I really have to go. It’s my HOD period. That woman Hitler will bug me if I wasn’t there. I’ll catch you up in break, come to the canteen and tell the rest of your story there. Bye.

Wish I too taken an IE instead of IT, Vishal sighed by looking in the verandah where no professors shown up yet. He waved at the boys and left.

So you are planning to tell us all at once or you going to hold up till the break? Naresh asked gazing up at Devaraj who was standing before the writing desk.

Naresh is a little outsized man who has attractive chubby face and French beard. There is few rouge hair at his forehead that’ll make a little attention. He’s like the one who is so enthusiastic, jubilant and especially who knows all the shortcut routes in city.

I don’t know if you want me to tell now that’s fine. Devaraj paused when he heard heavy footsteps. Asst professor Bharath approached towards the classroom. 

Or at break. Devaraj muttered faintly and stood up from bench along with others.

Yeah, in the break. Ganesh undertone too.

What? What’s in the break?  Bharath demanded and entered in the classroom.

Huh…Naresh gave calculator to an IT student who is actually in the second corridor Ganesh glimpsed Naresh. He wanted to go now to get it but I told him that would be an inappropriate because the period starts, so then he intends to ask it in the break. Ganesh forged the conversation that happened. That is all Sir.

Naresh vibrantly nodded to the Bharath for agreeing the Ganesh’s statement. Then he told them all to sit.

It was Principles of Management class, the book’s author had made masterpiece of it. This book is as so effective as sleeping pill. This guy is genius in a way he wrote the whole 600 pages book under just with five topics.

It was past 25 minutes after period starts, Thirumurugan’s nappy eyes hiding behind the specs, Naresh’s head felled on the bench like a walking dead, Ganesh’s view were totally off the direction from Bharath’s figure and Devaraj glazed on and off the board and book yet grinning a little while thinking about the thing that happened two days before.

Unlike first period the second one went off quickly in spite the break bell saved them. Boys, girls and professors were herding into the canteen. IE boys suited themselves in the plastic chairs with the hot cup of teas in paper cups and couple of butter biscuits. When Vishal approached them they waved to get a chair so he can get seated too. He dragged a chair on a way to them and sat beside Ganesh. Everyone took a sip of their beverages and rested on the bench except Devaraj.

Go ahead, Vishal relaxed by deep exhale. Others took position on their level of comfort to listen. Where was I? Huh … yes! And then, Devaraj smiled viciously and took another sip.

To be continued




I wasn’t sure what I’m doing was right, but I persuasively believed that it might convince her of my absence. I found a notebook and pen from her desk. I tore a paper from the note and started to write saying,
‘I’m sorry. Don’t take me wrong, I made a mistake coming here and making out with you’.
For real? I thought. I scribbled that line. ‘Again I’m extremely sorry, Deva’. Damn, what the heck is wrong with me? I ragged.

Meanwhile, I heard her singing a song of Taylor swift’s “you belong with me” from bathroom. She’s voice was as sweet and sexy as her naked body. I was depressed that I didn’t had chance of know about her and thought, It would be nicer if I had met her some other day in beach or coffee shop. I blame you fate.
I opened the door gently and departed from her room. I didn’t perceived much of the inner décor of the home while climbed down the stairs but the ambiance of the hall felt rich; partly I glanced the some Indian architect arts were hanged on the walls. The furniture and marble tiles are exquisite and aesthetic. What she’s father doing? Diamond business in Singapore, I thought by wondered how rich their family is.
Maidens and butlers are sequentially railed from kitchen to dining hall. The foods, fruits and sweets are stalled on the dining table; it was showed up as if like a huge feast. I didn’t mind any of those, I was busy in disguising. No one was noticed me walked towards the entrance door. I literally ran on the way of the door and looked behind to make sure none of them discerned. While I was doing so I accidentally clashed with someone who was headed opposite to me. He looked familiar, the sharp pepper salt hairs, brown eyes and boxy specs. I squashed my mind to remember him. That didn’t took long, I remembered saw him in the portrait with current finance minister that hung left corner of the hall. Shit! He’s her father, I thought.
I wore a white T-Shirt and lavender shirt with buttons open; the grey black derby jeans which torn on the knee caps and thighs. He scrutinized me from head to toe. He curved down and picked my glass then gave that to me. He looked so kind and gentle. He gazed at me and smiled, whereas I tried not to sob.
I’m sorry, who are you, son? He asked with slight grin.
He wouldn’t call me “son” if he had known what I did with his daughter, I thought. Hi sir, I’m Devaraj. I offered my hand to shake. He promptly grabbed it and quaked twice. I don’t know how but I had a feeling that he intuited me well with one good hand shake.
Are you a friend of my daughter’s? He asked.
Huh, yes sir…. yes I am, I said.
There wasn’t an enough time to elude from him, any minute his daughter might show up and throw that stupid note on my face which I left on her desk.
I’ve never seen you before with my daughter. He continued. I mean, I know all her friends. You don’t look so familiar.
We’ve met recently in a book fair convention; I preferred few books for her and she preferred few for me then we became friends, I piled a false tale. What a nerd, I thought.

His face befell to tensed grave expression. Huh, you know it’s funny because my daughter didn’t like to read books, he said with bogus laugh.
I was really scared. Sweat was poured like river.
Hmm, can I ask you one thing? He said. What’s my daughter’s name?
I’m screwed. I thought. I sweated even more.
To be continued………..



I partially opened my eyes, felt very soft bed that carrying me underneath, I don’t know why; but that was so weird because I know how my uncomforting bed used to feel like. But it was different, I mean the cot was huge, the blanket was clean, the drapes are wonderful, the expensive lamps and antique clock was artful and I’m naked and there…what! Oh my god, I’m naked. I rubbed my eyes very hardly and looked once again the room vividly. This isn’t my room, I thought. My head was aching so much so I sat up. By the time I wondering what could possibly been happened to me end up here, I saw a girl head pop up from underneath the white blanket. I was petrified. What kind of sick dream is this? I scowled. Who the hell is she? Where I am? Those questions rolled over ceaselessly in my head. I know it wasn’t modest, appropriate thing to do, but if it happened what I thought that was happened then what me about to do had to be consider less. So I slowly lifted the blanket. Yep, she’s naked too. She was the first and most beautiful naked woman I’ve seen in my whole life. I sat beside her for a moment figuring out what had just happened last night, but all I could hear was her breath sound. I prayed myself that she should not wake up until I find my clothes. I found my pant at the corner of her closet, I was never so that happier when I find my pants other days. Rest of my clothes are scattered over the room as same as hers. Why I’m not remembering anything?
I promptly put on my clothes and trying hardly to remember the last night and images are slowly flashing one by one in my mind. I was on my friend’s birthday party, then; then what? I was ready to leave the room and turned to door and walked. Near the door, I saw my glass lying. I took that and put on and then it hit me something. I remember my brother gave me his glass to wear that on the party. Irony was he told me that I would get laid by any chance of that glass. While on the mid of all perplexing, I saw her impeccable face on her portrait that hung up on wall. She was so stunning, hot girl I have had ever near been with. I felt so anguish that I don’t even reminisce how I did it. It is awful, I grunted. I’ve been standing there felt pity for my desperation and you know what, I forgot to maneuver from there.
Good morning honey, she said. I was totally shocked; my heart pounced from my chest to brain. It was too late to run through the door. I slowly did an about turn and faced her. I really should have anticipated that. Oh sweet lord, she’s still naked. I was frowned, seeing woman naked in live wasn’t on my daily list. I bit my lower lip to stop from being wobbled. You wake early, huh? She said with no ounce of embarrassment. Last night, wow! What a party? We should have taped when you doing your little dance.
I danced? I thought. I tried rigidly not to look at her glowing body and stood fixedly for past ninety seconds.
She went near to the closet and pulled one robe. She covered her naked body with that and came near me. Wait here, I’ll freshen up soon. We’ve have an errand to run through. Okay?
I responded with a slight smile and nod. She halted near the bathroom door and turned towards to me and said, I still can’t fathom how someone could woke up this early when they had nine glass of tequila last night.
How could I? How? I wasn’t drunk in my whole life. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink, I don’t take drugs and I had never been with a woman, except her. With a lot of question ran over in my head I saw her went to the bathroom. I didn’t know what I had to do right after the sex with stranger. She told me to wait, which by the way I can’t do that. All my audacity and nature of encountering the crisis had gone. Run, I thought. I made a terrible mistake before I left her room.
To be continued……………………….



One day, my friend told me to watch a series called ‘cosmos’ and gave me his pen drive to copy it on my computer. I was so excited about this, after I read the reviews on the internet. All space science lovers will fell for this series’ pilot episode. The impeccable narration of Neil deGrasse Tyson and eye stealing visual graphics give us an imagination to think further than a content that imposed in it. Neil discoursed many perceptive talks, one of my favorite is, ‘…there’s no shame in not knowing. The problem arises when irrational thought and attendant behavior fill the vacuum left by ignorance’. In other words, there’s no shame in saying that we don’t know. It’s only shame when we pretend that we know.

Yeah, I heard you. What these have to do with the misconception? I’ll tell you.
Neil has lectured a lot of abounded entities like matter, energy, spectrum, anti matter, dark matter, dark energy, etc. In which I presume that energies and matters are not just elements and equations, it also a living organism that prevails in around this immeasurable universe. I don’t have intent to take this religious but I have to talk some of the ancient scripts about the resemblance of this energies and matters. We understood their nature, principles and phenomenon more or less acutely, although we have had named them different. 
The fear of guilt, death, drought, flood, famine, war has caused an origin of gods. We believe that some kind of spirits are watching over us to protect when we praise them and punish when we disobey them. Why this spirits are couldn’t be a speculation rather their nature and behavior are all facts. Just for moment, imagine my theory; if I was talking in front you, I would ask you to close eyes, but I know you can’t do two things at once. Okay, I’ll stop.

Hindu mythology:

Lord Indra controls the power of lightning. He carries a weapon 
Thirusulam is weapon of choice of lord Shiva.
There are three main gods:
Shiva, Vishnu and Brahma.
God of love who shoot arrows:

Greek mythology:

Zeus is the god of lightning.
He was depicted in art with a lightning in his fist.
Trident is a weapon of lord Poseidon.

The three main Gods: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon.

The God of love: Cupid.

This resemblance is not only in these two mythologies, there are others too. We started to call the favorable energies as angels and rogue energies as demons. So what about matters? Matters are we. Yes, we and other elements are matters that thrives the resources from the well wishers energies. Rogue energies cause enough troubles to both us and good energies. But from the fact we exist still now, I believe there is stronger force in the universe that favor in protecting us and other energies. There is another one in the list that we still don’t know what its capabilities and it’s relation to other forces and energies.
They’re I can presume that this rouge matters are dead matters that roam around us. We couldn’t understand their role in this universe. We have yet to discover so many things to comprehend these energies and matters. Who knows? There could be a friendly energy watching me typing from behind. We are spending give or take 60 years to live in this mortal body to satisfying our needs. You don’t think it’s ridiculous. …………


Tired Man Sitting on Bed

Why men should wake up early
There are some of profound reasons why men have to wake early in the morning. Sometimes I hear girls saying ‘it’s a girls talk’ and ‘it’s a girly problem’ like we don’t have problem like them. Oh! Yes, I forgot; they do have a lot of struggles to go through. Look! I slipped from my subject; this is a power of deceivable women. Hmm, I’m fine, I’m back on it. I acutely accumulated five solid reasons of early rising from bed for men.
#1- Morning hairs:

The most common happening thing for men in the morning is messed up hair. It’s just exactly look like some place where a chaotic riot that had happened over a night. Men’s sexiness reflects from their hairs, if it doesn’t look good; it totally derails your astounding handsome. Although it is easy for men to comb their hairs with their bare hands, it is advisable to wake up early and tide their hair to look good.
#2- Morning wood:

Sun is not the only thing that rises in the morning. For cartoon viewers morning wood is nothing but erection. It is so embarrassing when someone notices our rouged penis rise of from the trousers. Girls, please do not judge us. You don’t know how hard it for us to pee. We have to find an optimal position to discourse. So to save you from getting mortify it is recommended to wake up early.
#3- Exercises:

Well, you know what exercise is. Early morning exercise is so effective than other time the day. The hormones get horny and start to hump your nerves via exercise. Metabolism gets hiked up when you do exercise in morning. Just 15 minutes workout a day will convince your brain that you cooked up, then you know procedure you body temperature burns the calorie and keeps you fit.
#4 – A productive day:

If you are a follower of the sites like Business insider, Entrepreneur, you would know that a productive day starts for a billionaire aspirant is to rising early from the bed. I know it’s not easy as it speaks, but look at outcomes and how people’s lives have changed. If you are like screw the outcomes and change in life, then you’d be a one of the two example of the book ‘The Rich Dad, Poor Dad’.
I think I converse my knowledge here from the funny to serious one. I hope you have imagined well.


After a long time


Beginning something after a long time is not a quite a simple job. We’ve been enthusiastically started a habit to do something different, but it had been interrupted by other habit or distraction. In so many ways long time pause could affect us. Long time after continuing gym class, reading books, even for few talking to the old friends is bit a bitter job. Over the days, months and years the practice, interest or hobby that we lost once we behold couldn’t get back at us like a second. Sometimes it’s like the slammed door while we in frustration and later we come to open, it won’t obey as of our will.

I’m taking me as an example here I’m sorry guys I couldn’t get someone, you’ve to read it out; don’t worry it’ll be quick. The thing is I love to write, but as the matter of fact we don’t expose our love to someone we share our rest of the life with. Love doesn’t work with only person to person, person to object or even person to animals and vice versa. Love as well bond to our habits too. When I started to write my first short story “my moon girlfriend” it’s like I proposed to my habit of writing. And I said to myself all the years of admiring you from afar were over and I’m going to enjoy the moments with you. It went really well in the beginning I mean I spend the lot of time with writing, we laughed, we giggled, and we even slept together I think I’m little exaggerating here. Later came this small break and begin to grow little bit little each day and suddenly I stopped writing, it means “break up or thing don’t working for us very well” since I’m personifying writing as my girlfriend. A year passed since I quit writing, every time I look a pen and paper I feel agitated of my incapability to bring back by writing habit.
Like me we all have this sort of experience with different storyline. My point is don’t waste time, there is no perfect time and there is no 5 ways or 12 guidelines to do start over your hobbies/habits.
I wish everyone a wonderful and prosperous new year, may all best come to you.
Keep imagining.





Well, first of all this subject isn’t about a scary monster. Relax it’s an idiom we used in my state. It means know your limit of tolerance. If a material was selected to transform into product, it’d be subjected to test for their required level of tolerance. Apparently it’s not about the material I’m talking about, but us.                      

Okay for what did I mention here as tolerance? Yes. Evidently we were all been bullied in our childhood for our attitude, shape or something else. For some they are still being, its ok there’s nothing there to embarrass about unless you’re reading this post alone. Guys this post is not only for kids, it’s also for teenagers and adults whom have been abstained their life for just others words. A kid would get mocked in school that’s typical, but it’s unusual if the same kid grown and get mocked in college and later in office. So where’s your limit of tolerance?    

         My posts are famous for examples which I give, so here it is 

For example I’ve being mocked for years of my 6’4 feet tall height. If I at least a short person I could take any kind of medication to became tall, but I’m not. I worried for my abnormality and pushed myself to aloof and worst of all I became an introvert. I sensed the things became more miserable. I came up with a solution how to transform me into a friendly neighborhood person. I can’t change me but I could change my surrounding.  I like to laugh, I even laugh for such small jokes too. When my friends make a joke I laugh, I talk what they like, I listened their love stories, and I started to give some suggestions of their personal matters, I also criticize them in a funny way. I’m a great secret keeper, this also allured towards my attitude.

I realized that day; there is nothing wrong with anyone. Abnormality is an illusion, worry is a mist that shrouding the happiness. I didn’t said to change your character or attitude for them as I was said before you got to change your surroundings. 



As a friendly neighborhood I can’t flirt with you, but I can give you suggestion. Don’t let people to undermine you. Don’t care if they say “don’t write blog when you’re eating a banana “, huh which was never happened”.

Rudyard Kipling’s poem

“If you can keep your head when all about you                                                are losing their heads and blaming it on you;                                                      if you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,                                         but make allowance for doubting too:”


Imagination may take a time, but won’t leave.

                                                                              Bye from your sweet imaginer,                                           

                                                                       Devaraj mani maran.